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By Chris | May 8, 2009 - 10:44 am - Posted in Hardware

Contractors and other construction professional bidding US government jobs (at any level) might come across specifications requiring domestically produced hardware. It can be hard to find. For cost reasons, much of the hardware you buy comes from overseas. I’ve done some of the legwork for those of you looking for domestic hardware suppliers. I hope this helps.

Best Single Source for American Made Hardware

If you need specialty domestic hardware or large quantities, first call American Pole and Timber at (866) 397-3038 and ask for David Mayfield (as of 3-30-09). I think anyone there can help you but David seems to know the most about domestic hardware. They stock some American made hardware but their real strength is in the great network of suppliers they have built for everything from hex bolts to steel cables to shackles. They usually offer some of the lowest prices, too, so you might want to let them bid your entire project (especially if you need treated wood).

Specialty American Made Hardware Suppliers

  • Hinges Made in the USA – Bommer Industries has quality hinges made in the USA. They also supply various postal boxes.
  • Household Hardware – National Manufacturing manufactures a variety of “household hardware” from hinges to gate and garage door hardware and drawer pulls.
  • QWKE Anchoring Solutions – An interesting anchor solution for small posts and poles. You can actually install this post anchor into dirt with your drill instead of using a post hole digger. Their website was down at the time of this writing.
  • Maze Nails – Look for the yellow and red boxes. Maze nails are made in the USA.
  • Dock Hardware – American made dock hardware.
  • Industrial FastenersNuts, bolts, and other American made hardware and fasteners.
  • Astoria Wire & Metal ProductsWire, metal, and tubing products. Custom stuff, too.
  • D.C. MitchellAssorted hardware from door knobs to hinges to drawer pulls and more.

There’s a great start. The most difficult American made hardware to find is usually the industrial and industrial-marine stuff. I don’t mean small stuff like dock cleats and pile caps. I mean big stuff like tie rods and dock washers. That’s why I listed American Pole and Timber first since they have that stuff.

If you know if other suppliers of “made in the USA” hardware, please leave a comment with their name and website and I will add them to the list.

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